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Staying out to watch the sunset

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I missed my LiveJournal's birthday back in June. I've had this journal for eight years. I was 12 years old then. Because of that, there are some seriously stupid entries in here.

I've grown from a little girl who knew nothing to a twenty year old college student... who still knows nothing.

All the way up until now, I kind of held this journal by the rule that I really had nothing to hide. I didn't care who read it, anonymous or not, because nothing I posted was ever something I was worried about. But things change. Career-hunting pops up, future employers pop up, and the internet really is a small world.

So, eight years and two months later, my journal is getting locked to friends-only. Remember when this was the big thing five years ago? Yeah, late to the party.

Anyways, happy 8th birthday, journal. Your present is getting locked away so I can hide my childhood shame. Back in the cupboard under the stairs.

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